07:00 PM
Prairie Predators
08:30 PM
Kindersley #1
Unity Lazers
03:30 PM
Prairie Predators
Unity Lazers
06:00 PM
Leader Flyers
Dodsland Stars
06:30 PM
Unity Lazers
Kindersley Klippers
07:30 PM
12:00 AM
Kindersley Klippers
Unity Lazers
07:00 PM
Kindersley Klippers
Unity Lazers
07:30 PM
07:30 PM
Unity Lazers
Prairie Predators




By-Law 1 - Duties of Executive and Board of Directors

1.01        Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors

a)      To administer and conduct the affairs of the Hi-Way 14 Hockey League (HW14HL).

b)      To authorize all major expenditures, other than minor current expenses, within the approved budget limits.

c)      To grant or refuse new applications for membership as received.

d)     To establish, amend or alter the regulations governing competition under the jurisdiction of the HW14HL.

e)      To suspend or expel any team or individual for failure to pay assessments imposed by the HW14HL.

f)       To re-admit, by a majority vote, any team or individual who has been suspended or expelled.

g)      No Director shall be eligible to vote on any financial request, protest or suspension involving a team or individual with which they are associated with nor will they be eligible to serve on any special committee investigating such matters.

h)      Shall be responsible for the selection and appointment of an Auditor for the League’s financial records.


1.02          Duties and Powers of the Executive

a)      To conduct the business of the League in its entirety between Annual Meetings.

b)      To re-admit or re-instate, by majority vote, any club, coach, manager, player or referee under suspension, upon application from such suspended club or person.

c)      To act as the sole custodian of all League trophies, be the sole judge as to where such trophies shall be stored and maintained, accept or refuse any new trophies and purchase any new trophies for hockey competition if deemed advisable.

d)     To suspend, expel or take such disciplinary action as deemed necessary against any team, player, coach, manager, referee or individual for any breach of the Bylaws or Regulations of this League, or of any decision or ruling of the Board.

e)      To suspend, expel or take such disciplinary action as deemed necessary against any team, player, coach, manager, referee or official of an association or team for proven foul play, for unsportsmanlike conduct or for abusive language to any recognized official.


1.03     Duties of the President

a)        The President shall have the duty of presiding over all meetings of the League.

b)        The President may represent any or all of the Executive and Board of Directors on any occasion and will be responsible to his Executive and Board of Directors for the same.  In absence of the President, or at his request, the Vice President shall have the powers of the President in every respect.

 c)         To call special meetings as deemed necessary or at the request of any League Member Minor Hockey Associations received in writing.

d)       To deal with and rule on all protests and/or suspensions and provide reports to the SHA General Manager and SHA Officer responsible for Minor regarding the details of those protests and/or suspensions.

 e)        The President, or his designate, shall notify the appropriate team of any suspension that is issued.


 1.04     Duties of the Vice President

a)                  The Vice President will assume duties in various areas of the League Structure which may include any of the following;

i)                    Statistics

ii)                  Website

iii)                Registration

iv)                Budget

v)                  Constitution and Bylaws

vi)                Schedule Preparation


1.05     Duties of the Secretary- Treasurer

a)                  It shall be the duty of the Secretary- Treasurer to;

i)                    Record all minutes of League meetings and attend to all correspondence of the League.

ii)                  Distribute notices to member clubs and Executive Committee members of all meetings as directed by the President.

iii)                Update and maintain bylaws and constitution of the league.

iv)                Coordinate online communication and website information with the statistician/webmaster.

v)                  Receive all monies of the HWY14HL and deposit same to the credit of the HWY14HL.

vi)                Pay all accounts as authorized by the Board of Directors.

vii)       Maintain an accounting system detailing all receipts and expenditures.

viii)      Collect all membership fees and monies due to the HWY14HL.

ix)                Have all financial records prepared for review by an auditor on an annual basis.

a.       Ensure audit is completed thirty (30) days prior to AGM.

b.      Have all financial records subject to inspection of the President at all times and shall produce them at the request of the Executive Committee.

c.       HWY14HL fiscal year will be from May 1st to April 30th annually.

d.      The Treasurer shall submit an audited financial statement at the League’s Annual Meeting. 


1.06     Duties of the Referee-in-Chief (RIC)

a)                  It shall be the duty of the RIC to;

i)                    Be responsible to the President; however the RIC is governed by the Rules and Regulations of Hockey Canada and the SHA.

ii)                  Coordinate or delegate assignors for all league games and such games as exhibition/tournaments.  To cooperate with the SHA in the assigning of officials for playoff games.

iii)                Coordinate or delegate supervisors for all league games and such games as exhibition/tournaments.

iv)                Assist the President in a consultative process of determining the facts to a particular incident(s) that might require a League

ruling ie:  coach, manager or player suspension.

v)                  Formulate and communicate official’s reports to and from respective individuals and the League.

vi)                Report to all meetings the concerns of officials and to relay concerns of the league back to officials.


1.07     Duties of the Division Commissioners

a)                  It shall be the duty of the Division Commissioners to:

i)                    To be neutral and interested with a good knowledge of hockey.

ii)                  To ensure the home team faxes/emails the game sheets to Commissioner within forty-eight (48) hours from the end of the game.

iii)                To ensure each home team enters the game sheet on the League website within forty-eight (48) hours from the end of the game.

iv)                To ensure that League standings, team and player statistics are maintained within the League website.

v)                  To schedule and chair the division scheduling meeting in accordance to the guidelines set out by the league.

vi)                To submit a record of penalty minutes to the discipline committee of games up to December 15th, January 15th, and at the end of the league. Any player who has excessive penalty minutes may be suspended following a ruling by the Discipline Committee.

vii)              To set up a play-off schedule and notify participating teams.

viii)            To be a member of the Discipline Committee within their Division and other Divisions if requested by the President.

ix)                To attend meetings as requested by the President.


By-Law 2 - Banking

2.01          The HWY14HL shall maintain it accounts in a Chartered Bank, Credit Union and/or Trust Company.

2.02        There will be three (3) Executive Committee Members who will have signing authority, not including the Treasurer.  Of which any two (2) signatures will be required at any specific time.

2.03          Any withdrawal or cheque in excess of $300 shall require the approval of the Board of Directors.


By-Law 3 - Cost of Membership

3.01          Performance Bond

a)      A performance bond of $_300.00_shall be posted by all participating Member Minor Hockey Associations by the Annual Meeting of the current season.

b)      The performance bond, or a portion thereof as determined by the President, shall be forfeit if a team fails to appear for a league game without the Presidents consent.  The bond (or portion) shall be forwarded to the association representing the non-offending team as compensation for the loss of game and expenses, less $100.00 for league administration costs.  The offending team shall not be eligible for further play until a new bond of $600 has been submitted by the association representing the offending team to the HW14HL. Any further bond issues for the offending association would be $600.

c)      In addition to any disciplinary action against team officials, any team that fails to complete a game after it has started may forfeit the performance bond of the association representing the offending team, or a portion thereof.  In determining whether to require forfeiture, the League shall review the circumstances of each case.

 d)     The league shall retain each association’s performance bond, and at the conclusion of each season, will apply it to the bond required for each subsequent season.

 e)      The associations will pay the league any outstanding amounts required to bring the performance bond up to the correct amount established by the league.  This payment shall be made by November 1st of the current season.


3.02          Membership Fee

 The yearly membership fee for each Member Minor Hockey Association shall be determined annually by the Annual Meeting. 


By-Law 4 - Probation/Withdrawal from the League

4.01          Probation

All new Minor Hockey Associations in the HW14HL shall be on a probationary period for one year following which an evaluation will be completed and a vote taken to determine full member status in the league. 


4.02          New Membership

a)      Any Minor Hockey Associations wishing to gain entry to, or add additional teams to, the HW14HL must submit an application to the Executive of the HW14HL by October 1st.

b)      The Board of Directors will develop criteria for new membership.  These criteria will include applicant’s players base; applicant’s facilities; applicant’s coaching and officiating support base; applicant’s potential infringement on existing Members player base; any other area deemed necessary by the Executive and the SHA.

c)      Following the review of the application by the Executive and the SHA, a recommendation will be made to the existing League Member Associations to either accept or reject the application.

 d)     The League Member Associations shall conduct a vote on each application. The application must receive two-thirds (2/3) of all votes cast consent of all members in the League to gain membership.


4.03          Withdrawal from the League

 a)      That any Minor Hockey Association that withdraws their team from the League after the final league schedule has been completed and causes extra expenses to the teams in the league will be charged with such expenses.  Those extra expenses might include, but are not limited to, expenses paid to teams affected by such withdrawal, rescheduling costs, special meeting costs or any additional costs related to the withdrawal and may exceed the $300.00 association performance bond.  Should the Minor Hockey Association(s) that withdrew wish to reenter the league in some future season, than in addition to double the performance bond, the Minor Association would be required to pay those expenses before being accepted back into the league.

b)      Any member of the League may withdraw from membership with the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of all members of the League.  The member must file a notice of withdrawal by October 1st and if accepted by the League members, will become effective as of October 15th.


By-Law 5 - League Meetings

 5.01          League Meetings

 The HW14HL shall hold three  (3) meetings per year at a time and place as determined by the President. One of these meetings shall be the scheduling meeting at a location to be determined.


5.02          Missing League Meetings

 Fines of $100.00 shall be levied against associations that do not attend league meetings unless the association is excused by the President prior to the meeting taking place.


By-Law 6 - Registration

 6.01          Membership in the HW14HL shall be limited to members as herein designated;

 Kindersley                   Eston                           Elrose              Eatonia

Leader                         Fox Valley                  Rosetown        Dinsmore

Outlook                       Biggar                         Kerrobert         Luseland        

            Battlefords                  Dodsland                    Macklin           Wilkie 



6.02         Team Sweaters

Teams must have two sets of sweaters (Light and Dark) to be worn as follows;

a)      Home team will wear light sweaters

b)      Visitors will wear dark sweaters

c)      Sweater numbers shall be the same for the home and away sweaters

d)     Teams requesting name or sweater color changes must have all such changes approved by the League prior to said changes being permitted.


6.03          Eligibility of Players

a)      No player shall be permitted to participate in a League game unless he/she is properly registered through their Minor Hockey Association with the SHA as a registered player or affiliated player.  If a member team allows an ineligible player to play in a game, such game, upon ruling by the President, shall be counted as a win for the opposing member team and the coach of the member team who played the ineligible player, shall be suspended for a length of time determined by the President and according to the SHA Minimum Suspension Guidelines.

b)      Minor Hockey Associations must fax/email SHA approved team rosters to the League Secretary PRIOR to the first League game being played. Failure to abide by this bylaw will result in a fine of $100 being assessed to the Member Minor Hockey Association. All additions and deletions to rosters approved by the SHA deadlines of January 10th and February 10th must be faxed/emailed to the League Secretary.

c)      Teams within the HW14HL may only be comprised of players from the immediate rural area of the member HW14HL center and the adjoining centers and provided that such centers do not have a team in this or any other League, in the division and calibre of hockey which his age allows. Teams may use players from centers that do not adjoin provided that any centers which are adjoining to the players sponsoring center release such players and the league approves such release.

                                           Adjoining Centers


                                          Kindersley - Eatonia, Eston, Kerrobert, Dodsland

                                          Leader - Eatonia, Eston, Fox Valley

                                          Outlook- Dinsmore Rosetown, Beechy, Elrose

                                          Battlefords - Cut Knife, Wilkie, Biggar

                                          Unity- Wilkie, Cut Knife, Macklin, Luseland

                                          Eston- Elrose, Eatonia, Kinderlsey, Dodsland

                                          Fox Valley- Leader, Eatonia

                                          Biggar- Battlefords, Rosetown, Wilkie

                                          Dodsland- Kerrobert, Kindersley, Rosetown, Eston , Luseland

                                          Elrose- Eston, Dinsmore, Rosetown, Beechy

                                          Rosetown- Biggar, Dodsland, Elrose, Dinsmore

                                          Macklin- Unity, Luseland, Kerrobert

                                          Eatonia - Leader, Kindersley, Eston, Fox Valley

                                          Dinsmore- Rosetown, Outlook, Elrose, Beechy

                                          Wilkie- Unity, Battlefords, Biggar

                                          Luseland- Kerrobert, Macklin, Unity, Dodsland

                                          Cut Knife- Unity, Wilkie, Battlefords

                                          Kerrobert - Luseland, Dodsland, Kindersley, Unity, Biggar

 d)     Over-age players may be allowed to play in the HWY14HL provided that said players are voted on by the managers of the competing centers at the league scheduling meeting. ALL OVER-AGE PLAYERS must be voted on (including female) and must be marked on the score sheet as OA. Overage players can only play with one team in the HWY14HL and are not eligible to be affiliated to any other team in the HWY14HL. NO AP AA players are allowed to play at ANY level in the Hiway 14 hockey league.


6.04          Team Representatives

a)      Each Member Minor Hockey Association shall provide the Secretary the names and contact information for their Association and Team Representatives to the League and all team representatives, along with all the pertinent contact information, at the League’s Scheduling Meeting.

b)      Where there is a change in Team Representative, it will be the responsibility of the Member Minor Hockey Association concerned to advise the Secretary and President immediately upon any change being made.


By-Law 7 - Scheduling

7.01          League Format

a)      The HW14HL shall develop a format for League play that will be approved annually at the League’s Fall Meeting.

b)      Where possible, the format determined for League and League Playoff play should be consistent in both a North and South Division format.


7.02          Exhibition and Tournament Play

a)                  There shall be no alterations to the league schedule permitted for the purpose of attending exhibition games or tournaments after the schedule is finalized (unless properly applied for and approved by the President).  A fee of $100.00 will be charged for any approved changes.


7.03          SHA Sask First Program

The HW14HL schedule will be set in conjunction with the SHA Sask First Bantam and Midget Program Dates in order to avoid conflicts.


7.04          Home Game Locations

Member Associations wishing to play home games outside of the sponsoring center of the team must present the proposed locations and dates at the League Scheduling Meeting and be approved by the managers attending.


7.05          Scheduling

a) Determination of Schedule

i)The League schedule must be determined by October 25th annually.

ii)The League shall begin league play as of the first weekend in November annually.


7.06          Cancellation of Games

a)      Postponement of scheduled games, except in the case of adverse weather conditions, must be arranged between the two teams concerned at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled game time. Any hockey team postponing a scheduled game in order to participate in any exhibition game at home or away shall reschedule the game. All rescheduled league or playoff games are to be implemented in accordance with the implementation of a Game Change Report.

i)                    That the team postponing a scheduled league game must provide to the President a signed (by both teams) a copy of the Game Change Report within seven (7) days of the postponed game. Failure to comply will result in the offending team forfeiting the game. If neither team complies, the game shall be recorded as a loss for each team. Postponed games can only be rescheduled once, unless the League President grants permission after reviewing the circumstances.

b)      Member Minor Hockey Associations will be fined $300.00 per game for any no-show/forfeiture of their teams for a League or League Playoff game and;

i)                    Member Minor Hockey Associations may submit a claim for expenses when another team has a no-show for a scheduled League or League Playoff game. The League Executive will have a responsibility to decide if these expenses are legitimate.

ii)                  Legitimate expenses would include ice rental and referee expenses.

 iii)                Should the Member Minor Hockey Association not pay the $300.00 fine within one week of the date of the no-show/forfeiture, they would no longer be eligible to participate in further League or League Playoff competition.


7.07          Overtime

 There shall be no overtime played in Regular Season League Games which end in a tie at the end of Regulation time.


7.08          Tie Breaking Procedure

The HW14HL will apply the SHA Tie-Breaking Regulation 3.08.01 for the determination of the playoff spots following the regular season’s league play.


7.09     Playoff Format

a)         The Playoff Format will be set annually at the League’s Scheduling Meeting. If possible, every effort will be made to ensure all full member teams participate in the League Playoffs.

b)All teams participating in Playoffs shall commence their Playoff series following the completion of the regular season without delay.

c)  All teams participating in the HW14HL must have the approval of the HW14HL Executive to participate in tournaments during the time frame of League Playoffs. Any team not having approval for tournament entry during League Playoffs will forfeit their performance bond and the possibility of removal of the team from the League participation for the following season will exist.

By-Law 8 - Conduct of Game

8.01          Game Warm-ups

a)Each home team is responsible to supply pucks for the warm-up.

b) Each team shall confine itself to its respective side of the centre ice red line during the warm-up, and any player, coach or team official who instigates any incident by crossing the centre ice red line, or creates an incident by verbal abuse, shall be subject to league discipline, which can include fines and suspensions.


8.02          Game Timing

a)     Each game will consist three (3) twenty (20) minute stop time periods.


8.03          Playing Regulations 

All HW14HL games shall be played in accordance with Hockey Canada and SHA playing rules.


8.04          Shaking of Hands

Teams shall shake hands upon the completion of each HW14HL game.


8.05          Time-Outs

Each team shall be permitted one thirty (30) second time out during the course of each game.


8.06          Off-Ice Officials

a)      The Home teams shall be responsible for the assignment of an official timekeeper, scorekeeper and penalty time keeper who once named are League Officials responsible to the League President.  They must conduct themselves as such and carry out their respective duties according to the rules. These positions must be filled by adults.  Goal judges are not required for any games.

b)        It shall be the duty of the official scorer to obtain the names of players on the provided score sheets before the start of the game, record all goals, assists and penalties and hand the same score sheet to the referee for verification at the completion of the game.


8.07          Admission to Games

The HW14HL Board of Directors shall determine admission prices for all League and playoff games within the HW14HL annually at its Fall Meeting.


8.08          Game Sheets

a)     Home teams must submit game sheets and reports to the League Statistician within forty-eight (48) hours of each game being completed.

b)    Teams failing to comply within the stated time shall be subject to a $50.00 fine.


By-Law 9 - Referees

9.01          Assigning of Officials

a)The Leagues Referee-in-Chief will assign head referees for all centers.  The home team will pay the game fees and travel expenses for all officials.

i)Only SHA registered officials shall be allowed to officiate games in the HW14HL.

ii) All HW14HL Midget, Bantam, Peewee and Atom games must use a two (2) referee, one (1) linesman system. In the Novice Division it is preferable to use the two(2) referee and one(1) linesman system with one(1) being a mentor official, but the two(2) man system is acceptable for the Novice division only with one (1) being a mentor official.

 iii) The home Member Minor Hockey Association shall assign and pay the cost of the referees/linesmen. Effective October 1, 2017 All Peewee, Bantam and Midget Officials are to be paid SHA Provincial rates as stated in the SHA Handbbok.

 iv)                Once the referees and linesman are named, they are League officials and are responsible to the HW14HL Referee-in-Chief. They must conduct themselves as such and are expected to administer the Hockey Canada Playing Rules in fair and equitable manner. Rough or Dirty Hockey shall not be tolerated by the HW14HL.

 v)                  It shall be the duty of the referee and linesman to sign the score sheet after the completion of the game and any remarks that they may have must be written on the score sheet or a referee report form.  Any completed referee report form shall be forwarded to the League President no later than the morning following the completion of the game.

 vi)                If there are any penalties (Majors, Match or Gross Misconducts) or any disturbances that may call for immediate action by the President, the referee must phone and report the same to the President the same evening as the game whenever possible or the following morning at the latest. This should be accompanied by a written report.

 vii)              At the request of a team, the HW14HL Referee-in-Chief shall assign neutral officials for a League or League Playoff game or series; however the following will apply;

 1.                  The request must be made ninety-six (96) hours prior to the start of the game or playoff series unless the Referee-in-Chief permits a shorter time period because of exigent circumstances.

2.                  The team making the request for the neutral official(s) is responsible for all referee fees and travel mileage.

 3.                  Upon receiving a request for the assignment of a neutral official(s), the Referee-in-Chief will advise the “other” team.



9.02          Protection for Referees and League Officials

 a)     Each member team shall provide a separate dressing room at its rink for the exclusive use of the referees and other League Officials and shall take all steps necessary to ensure that no other person gains access to such dressing rooms without the permission of the referee.

 b)    No official or player of a member team shall enter such dressing room, except with the permission of the referee.


 By-Law 10 - Suspensions

 a)      The SHA Minimum Suspension Guidelines, Regulation 7.07.01, will be enforced.  These are minimum suspensions and additional suspensions may be imposed wherever conditions and circumstances are warranted.


b)     Any team official who receives a 9.2 Game Misonduct shall be subject to automatic suspension using the following guidelines:


    i)      After two(2) of the above misconducts - 1 calendar year

c)   If a parent from a team is suspended, it is up to the offending Association to enforce the suspension. If the suspension is not honored by the offending Association, their bond would be forfeited to the League and NO teams within the Association would be able to participate within the League until such time that the bond plus penalty was paid in full to the League.


By-Law 11 - Action Detrimental to the League

 a)                 If, in the opinion of the President, based upon such information and reports as he may receive, any act or conduct of any official of a Member team or player, whether during or outside the playing season, has been dishonorable, including the use of racial epithets or racist acts, prejudice to or against the welfare of the HW14HL or the game of hockey, he may expel or suspend such person.  The President shall notify the individual and Association involved of the situation and that the conduct is being investigated by the League.

b)                 Prior to any decision being made, a player or member team has the right to submit a written report of the incident as long as the report is received by the League President via electronic message no later than noon of the day following the notification noted above in a).


By-Law 12 - Harassment Policy

a)                  The purpose of a Harassment Policy is to ensure the HW14HL and its member teams take reasonable steps to ensure that the care of all individuals involved in the operation of the League are addressed.  This includes players, coaches, trainers, management, volunteers, billets, league and game officials.

 b)                  The HW14HL will not tolerate abuse of any nature (sexual, emotional, verbal or physical) to any player, coach, trainer, management, volunteers, billets, league and game officials.  The HW14HL requests that all Minor Hockey Associations, who have a team as a member of this league provide documentation that indicates they are satisfied that the staff and volunteers associated with their team have an acceptable background for their position of trust.

 Reports of harassment provided to the Executive of the HW14HL will be immediately directed to the Minor Hockey Association governing the team in question and/or the appropriate government agency for investigation and action.

c)                  The screening of all team personnel is to be completed and provided to the HW14HL executive prior to the first league game played that season.  Screening is to be updated throughout the season if personnel changes are made.


By-Law 13 - Social Media Policy

13.01               The HWY14HL will use the SHA Social Media Policy regarding all circumstances dealing with social media.


By-Law 14 - Protests

14.01               Protests and all evidence in support thereof, must be signed by the President of the Minor Hockey Association of the protesting team along with the Manager of the team.  Protests and evidence in support thereof, must be in the hands of the League President within twenty-four (24) hours of the advertised time of the game and must be accompanied by a deposit of $300.00 which sum shall be forfeited to the HW14HL should the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final, disallow the protest.  If the protest is upheld, this deposit will be returned to the team initiating the protest.


14.02               A copy of said protest and the evidence thereof must be served upon the protested club receipt of the protest.  The team protested shall be allowed twenty four (24) hours to file a defense and evidence with the President, and must be accompanied with a defense fee of $300.00


14.03               If the Protest is upheld, the team not upholding the regulation shall lose their defense fee of $300.00.


14.04               The President shall render a decision in writing as soon as possible and not later than three (3) days after receipt of the defense.


14.05               Protests on a point of rules only as set out in the Constitution and Bylaws will be entertained and protests will not be entertained on a referee’s decision.


14.06               All transmission of the protest and evidence may be completed by fax/e-mail.


By-Law 15 - Appeals

15.01               Any player, coach, manager or team shall have the right to appeal in regards to any decision of the Executive Committee or President providing the following conditions are met;

a)     An appeal is sent to the President within twenty four (24) hours of the decision of the Executive Committee outlining all reasons for said appeal.

b)    All appeals must be accompanied with a non-refundable cheque in the amount of $300.00 payable to the HW14HL

c)     The President shall appoint an Appeal Board of three (3) Executive and/or Directors not involved in the original decision which shall conduct a hearing within four (4) days.  The President can appoint an independent to fill in if one of the members of the Appeal Board is not present.

 d)        All appeals can be transmitted by fax and/or email.

 e)         Appeal Hearing Protocol

 a.       The player or member has the opportunity to be present throughout the appeal hearing and shall have the opportunity to have anyone present with them to support them through the hearing.

 b.      The game sheet and the referee’s report will be available at the hearing and the referee in question shall be given the opportunity to be in attendance if possible.

 c.       The player or member, or anyone representing them, has the opportunity to ask questions, within reason, of all people who provide evidence.

 d.      Minutes of the Appeal hearing shall be recorded by the HW14HL Secretary/Treasurer and maintained on file.

 e.       The Appeal Committee shall not be allowed to reduce any suspension to less than the minimum standards a set out in SHA Regulation 3.07.02.

 f.       The Appeal Committee shall render a decision within forty-eight hours of the completion of the Hearing.


 By-Law 16 - Recourse to the Saskatchewan Hockey Association

 16.01          Any recourse to the Saskatchewan Hockey Association of any jurisdiction of any member, before all rights of appeal and all the rights of remedies of the Constitution and By-Laws of the HW14HL shall have been exhausted, shall be deemed to be a violation and breach of these By-Laws, and a violation and breach of the League decisions, and shall result in the automatic indefinite suspension of such member from HW14HL activities and games


16.02.         Any member team, manager, player, coach who has sought Saskatchewan Hockey Association action before exhausting all proper procedures of appeal will be liable for any expenses and disbursements incurred by the HW14HL.


16.03          Unless accepted by the President, until all expenses are paid, the right of membership of the said party will be suspended.


16.04          Any team, manager, coach or player who having exhausted the appeals procedures within the HW14HL and proceeds with an appeal to the Saskatchewan Hockey Association will be liable for all HW14HL expenses which are incurred by the League as a result of said appeal to the Saskatchewan Hockey Association, should the SHA rule in favor of the League prior to reinstatement of said party’s membership with the HW14HL.


By-Law 17 - By Law Amendment

 17.01        Notice of any motion detailing any proposed amendment to the By-Laws shall       be amended by the submission to the Secretary a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the HWY14HL Annual Meeting.  The Secretary shall circulate said notices of motion to the members a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

 17.02        The giving of notice hearing may be waived by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and eligible to vote.



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